Friday, April 16, 2010

What can i do to meet people?

I work six days a week and I am really shy when it comes to women, and I was used to talking and hanging out with women back in high school and college and now that I work it makes it really hard to meet people, I just dont want to go to bars and meet strangers, can someone make a suggestion?

What can i do to meet people?
choose an activity that interests you.You will meet others that are interested in that activity also,so right off you two will have something in common.Try has tons of activities of every sort in your area.If you and a woman have the same interest,the conversation will come very easily.Good Luck.You sound like someone worth meeting.
Reply:go to the park as well your local bowling alley ?
Reply:Go outside!
Reply:There a speed dating sessions in every city these days. Try that you can get a lot done in a small amount of time....Good Luck. If there are none in your area be a catalyst and start one that will make you REALLY hot....
Reply:Take an adult education class in something that interests you.
Reply:You know people at work, right? Maybe you can go out with one of them (however, that may cause future problems). Hang out with your friends of either sex at work and practice your social abilities to decrease shyness, because that is a barrier to meeting new people. Perhaps you can talk to your co-workers about your problems and they can help you improve your skills or set you up with someone.
Reply:i'm sure you come into contact with alot of different people at your job. talk to people that way or if your out shopping somewhere just go up to someone and talk. if you never do you'll never know if you don't say anything
Reply:Close your explorer window.
Reply:u can always try net datin thing, or ask one of ur girl "friends" at work to go out and hang jus have fun n u'll meet someone for u
Reply:Check your local paper for singles events in your area. Less alcohol = better chances of a relationship/friendship. Also means you won;t be wearing beer goggles
Reply:Just get out there! join a church group, club..... Just get out there and it will happen. JUST DO IT.
Reply:...GO OUT!!!...
Reply:don't know where you live, but there should be some kind of listing in your paper about social gatherings that are going on. the park, singles groups, church (this one is very hard for me also). also, there are organizations like Special Olympics, youth sports that are always looking for good people to help donate their time. good luck!
Reply:I have always had success meeting interesting people through working as a volunteer. More often than not the people involved in volunteering are decent, well meaning individuals. Good luck!
Reply:Bookstores are great places to meet people and the environment itself can act as an ice-breaker. Also museums especially during the days following the opening of a new exhibit.
Reply:Join a singles group at a church!
Reply:Be a man and talk. When people see who you are they;l like you that what you need to understand.Be creative and use you're mind and don't be afraid to met new people.
Reply:go outside

I wanna meet new people?

I wanna meet new people on line, but I don't know of any free chat rooms or sites or any thing. I use to have a account with IMVU but that messed up my lab top, now I am lost about the whole chatting thing I am asking here.

I wanna meet new people?
Hi Hun,

Come email me first will find you decent people to talk to .These are generally great minded people.There are so many people with great knowledge online.Keep in touch.
Reply:maybe can be a brazilian guy? my name is Audemir Lima, if you whant to know me send me a email ...see you or ate logo, or hasta logo, or more ashita Made rsr this is japanesse kiss

Want to meet people from California...?

Hi there!

I'm 23 from Belgium and i'd really like to meet people from California and begin a friendship. I have in mind to move to SF or LA in maybe 1 or 2 years and i would like to discuss with someone and learn a lot about life there!

Maybe you'd like to learn about Europe too and visit it!

Thanks a lot!

Want to meet people from California...?
Have you ever been California, it is sunny and fun. See pictures

local dentist

How to meet single people?

I live in cleveland ohio and I am shy and socialable and single just don't have social life........... I feel bad for mother told me some stuff that when she dies she thinks i will be lost. and can be true.........Can anyone help me where to meet single guys or people..........? Help me Help me and give me a good reason.....................thanks

How to meet single people?
Try getting involved in social groups, like hiking clubs, or volenteer projects, or investment clubs, or card playing clubs, or volleyball clubs, or salsa clubs, etc. Meeting people in groups is safe and low pressure, and you know that you already have something in common with the people who meet there.

Try some of these:
Reply:Good luck, and thanks for the pts! Report It

How to meet japanese girls that like quiet people, when you don't go to japan?

It's been proven ( by me) and what japanese people in chat rooms such as skype tell me. Japanese girls that travel to america, are usually outgoing and want to meet outgoing talkative americans. I like them, like their culture, know some japanese.. It would be nice if one of them at least,, had interest to talk to me. All of the ones ive tried since 2002 when i started studying japanese, they are not interested.. and think i'm a stup*d weirdo just because i'm not like the image of americans they have: talktive, confident, use slang and expressions. Me , i'm just simple with a limited english vocabulary and so i don't seem like american to them( or even to other americans). I also don't travel.. so is there no hope?

How to meet japanese girls that like quiet people, when you don't go to japan?
There are good and bad in every nations, and people who think you are weird just because you don't seem to fit with the apparent ''norm'' of society, are not worth it; They need to accept the fact that everyone has a different personality, I myself am quiet compared to many of my peers and often feel like ''the weirdo''

I wanna meet people in other countries (especially Japan)?

I want to meet people but I'm thirteen and nobody really passes by to notice me. I'd love to have a penpal and I can really be nice to people. Its how I get along... can I be friends with people?

I wanna meet people in other countries (especially Japan)?
do a search for pen pals but if your looking for a japanese pen pal learn to write and read japanese cause alot of younger kids dont speak english
Reply:I am 13 too. I found this website called You can sign up and have your own page where people leave you messages. When you find someone who you would like to be a penpal with just talk to them and so and so on. It's not ideal but i made loads of friends from all across the world. The sites for all ages though so theres still dodgy people, so be careful about what you say about yourself and all the usual stuff. Anyway check it out and good luck!

Why is it hard to meet new people?

I work at a family business so I dont have any "work" friends and I have tried online dating but that has not been too successful. Then I joined a book club and they stopped meeting. I found some old friends on myspace from high school and college but we are all at different places. Some have kids and some have husbands and wives. How am I suppose to meet new people in this world?

Why is it hard to meet new people?
Keep hope alive....Hell,Im single
Reply:get off Yahoo Answers

try going to church

taking some classes

being friendly

join some group

do charity work

just explore

go to the gym
Reply:Try joining another club or ask your friends to introduce you to their friends and relatives that you don't already know or if you already know all of them, ask them to introduce you to their friends.

Going to church might also do it, in fact you could visit one church after the other for a limited time until you find one with a crowd that you click with.
Reply:Get a job in a maternity ward, and you will always meet 'new' people.
Reply:Hmmm well Im a little younger and in highschool, but online does not work, I can tell you that. Get involved in clubs, or go hang out at a restaurant and just start talkin to people. It's what my dad does.
Reply:well you can travel to many places or go on a vacation some where
Reply:man...tht is juz tough...u really have a bad life u know everythin doesn't go right but nvm i guess u will find frenz eventually in this site...or jus join some other activities except 4 tis haha gd luk girl